The Gone Flyin' table of contents is reproduced below, and titles which appear as links can be clicked to view the pictures which accompany the story. I have tried to include a paragraph or two to help you remember the story, and in many cases supplemental information has been included. The picture pages will never be complete, because I will contniue to add background information and pictures when appropriate.

Page 1:
Danielle September, 1994
The author solos his 16 year-old daughter.

Page 2:
On a Midsummer's Eve August, 1993
A flight on a fairy-tale perfect August evening.

Page 4:
A Change of Weather September, 1997
The author's wife consents to the purchase of an airplane while distracted by views of fall foliage.

Page 6:
Three Men and a Checkbook October, 1997
Three guys fly to an aircraft auction, and what do you think happens?

Page 8:
Phil's Wisdom January, 19984
In just half a decade, you can restore an old airplane for less than a hundred dollars a week.

Page 9:
Mystery Lady January, 1998
The more you learn about an old airplane, the more questions you have. That is why airplanes have female names.

Page 11:
Ben Franklin Fixes A Starter January, 1998
A few good mechanics are our last defense against the throw- away economy.

Page 12:
A Sensuous Visitor February, 1998
A cute and shiny airplane catches the author's eye, but his heart remains faithful.

Page 14:
Bits and Pieces April, 1998
A mind wanders while breaking in a new engine.

Page 17:
Talking to Ghosts May, 1998
Walking among warbirds on a dark and foggy ramp.

Page 19:
A Record of a Simpler Time June, 1998
Dad's logbook emerges from decades in the attic.

Page 21:
See 'Ya, Dave July, 1998
A student becomes a pilot, and the instructor bids a farewell.

Page 23:
The End of Romance? August, 1998
Will a long comfortable trip in a real airplane spoil me?

Page 25:
Tim September, 1998
Once a tongue-tied student, a brand-new pilot moves effortlessly through the system.

Page 27:
Reflections Upon the Night September, 1998
The idea of landing on a narrow, sloping, and unlit runway is rejected.

Page 30:
Let The Rock N' Roll Begin! September, 1998
The first winter cold front sweeps through the area.

Page 32:
A Change of Pace October, 1998
Playing second-fiddle, sitting to the right of a former student.

Page 34:
A Picture of Perfection November, 1998
Flying through a Norman Rockwell painting.

Page 35:
Theirs Not To Reason Why December, 1998
Night instruction for student pilots.

Page 38:
The Gift of Flight December, 1998
A few days before Christmas, a brand new Private Pilot.

Page 40:
The Quest March, 1999
Sometimes you have to work very hard to discover how simple your task really is.

Page 42:
Donuts for the Navigationally Dysfunctional April, 1999
GPS at its final frontier, guiding pilots from the FBO to the donut shop.

Page 44:
The J-3 Simulator May, 1999
An unconventional training aid helps a student make better landings.

Page 47:
Just a Can-Full of Gears June, 1999
The airspeed indicator cannot replace a "feel" for the airplane.

Page 48:
Be Careful What you Dream For September, 1999
...Six munce ago I cuddn't evn spel "captin"...

Page 51:
Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Pilots September 1999
After the business of aviation, a pleasure flight.

Page 53:
Bedtime Flight November, 1999
An hour's flight to nowhere as the earth below prepares for its winter slumber.

Page 55:
Balmy in Newark December, 1999
A grown man is captivated just watching airplanes land.

Page 57:
Our Debt to Romantic Fools January, 2000
Rosie opens her airport restaurant on a beautiful New Year's morning.

Page 60:
Safe at Home January, 2000
A very satisfactory first experience flying through a big snowstorm.

Page 62:
Among My Souvenirs January, 2000
Cruising in the dark of morning, listening to oldies on the ADF.

Page 65:
Ground Hog Day Comes Late February, 2000
The author sees his shadow and runs back below the clouds.

Page 67:
Opening Day March, 2000
An early March warm-spell hints the promise of the summer flying season.

Page 69:
Fire and ice March, 2000
A March mixture of snow and lightning gives way to a spectacular dawn.

Page 71:
Wilbur the Iron Man March, 2000
It takes a man with strong dedication to put 250 hours on an Aeronca every year.

Page 73:
A Trip to the Doctor's May, 2000
The author and his airplane both feel better after passing their annual inspections.

Page 75:
No Place Like Home May, 2000
After visiting two other airports, good conversation is found at the home field.

Page 77:
The Parade of Weather June, 2000
The weather changes from foul to fantastic as the morning sun breaks the horizon.

Page 80:
A Bad Day Fishin' is Better Than a Good Day at Work June, 2000

Obstacles are overcome on a pilgrimage to Lock Haven.

Page 82:
Fruits of Freedom July, 2000
A walk through a small town on the 4th of July.

Page 85:
Sailing November, 2000
It's not the greatest job in the world, but the view from the office is great.

Page 87:
Cozy November, 2000
The stars above, the lights below, and the voices on the radio are friendly companions at night.

Page 89:
A Decisive Victory November, 2000
An Election Day jaunt in a little plane scores a victory over the week's dull routine.

Page 92:
Too Much Stuff, Too Little Time December, 2000
Just another flight that was too beautiful to have witnessed alone.

Page 94:
A Surprise Visit January, 2001
A good cup of coffee is found five minutes after takeoff.

Page 96:
A Turn of the Tables January, 2001
Having the airplane on the ice is more enjoyable than having ice on the airplane.

Page 99:
Bad News From the Mockingbird March, 2001
A sullen mockingbird accurately predicts the worst month of our winter.

Page 101:
Barn Rats March, 2001
The quick brown rat skittered between the hooves of the lumbering bovines... oops... Boeings.

Page 103:
Wildlife April, 2001
Nature displays her creatures' adaptive ways.

Page 104:
Scratchin' the Itch April, 2001
The Commonwealth visits a few airports it once called home, and I enjoy the scenery along the way.

Page 107:
Rosie's Bird Feeder May, 2001
Some old birds fly south for the winter, and Rosie feeds the rest of us.

Page 109:
W1 X 1/4 F May, 2001
Early morning valley fog can be beautiful - if you keep an open mind.

Page 111:
Long Shadows July, 2001
An evening flight "on the clock" is almost as good as having fun.

Page 114:
Doug's Second Annual Fish Fly August, 2001
It was such a treat that we brought our wives!

Page 116:
Quality Time September, 2001
Taking the cure on a sparkling Sunday morning.

Page 119:
Spoiled Fruit October, 2001
The last fruit from the tree is usually a disappointment.

Page 121:
Bargain Flight November, 2001
A short flight to a previous "home airport" proves that you don't have to fly far to find contentment.

Page 124:
Lucky November, 2001
Do not read this story if you are annoyed by people who enjoy their work.

Page 126:
IFR at 500 feet November, 2001

There is a reason that low-altitude flight is addictive.

Page 129:
Purple Mountains' Majesty December, 2001
A company-sponsored sightseeing tour of New York State.

Page 132:
Flightus interuptus January, 2002
A pleasure flight is frustrated by weather.

Page 135:
Thwarting the Rule of Dull , 2002
How to avoid having "too much fun" too often.

Page 138:
Contentment, the Key to Serendipity March, 2002
Often, the best things are found when you aren't looking.

Page 140:
Kumo ni Noritai July, 2002
Riding among spectacular clouds on a summer evening.

Page 143:
Old Men Drag Their Tails August, 2002
A lumpy summer day chafes the bond between a pilot and his airplane.

Page 145:
Forces of Nature December, 2002
The never-ending battle between mankind and critters.

Page 148:
A Christmas Sleigh Ride December, 2002
Just another kid, out playing with the clouds.

Page 150:
The Best-Laid Plans March, 2003
The cruel month of March grudgingly yields to persistence.

Page 152:
Renewal March, 2003
The first deep breath of Spring's sweetness.

Page 155:
A Time In-Between March, 2003
Winter is not quite gone, but the first summer cloud is sighted.

Page 157:
A Time for clouds April, 2003
Clouds are the seeds of our April showers, and stationary fronts have lots of them.

Page 159:
A Spectre of Infidelity April, 2003
For a moment, the chrome is shinier on the other side of the fence.

Page 162:
Miracle of flight May, 2003
Flight isn't much of a miracle anymore, but what about the stuff we carry with us?

Page 164:
Cheap Escape May, 2003
The world's problems are put on hold while I take a breakfast flight.

Page 166:
A Gift June, 2003
A forecast for a rainy day holds off long enough to make a quick breakfast flight.

Page 168:
Bob June, 2003
A pleasant flight, a quiet town, and a nice conversation.

Page 170:
Thousands June, 2003
Thousands of images flood my eyes on a trip along the St. Lawrence River.

Page 172:
Nothing New Under the Sun June, 2003
An impromptu trip through unfamiliar territory produces no new nuggets of wisdom.

Page 175:
Thanksgiving July, 2003
People far and wide pause on a perfect summer evening.

Page 177:
Places and Names and Places July, 2003
After two years of looking down at Syracuse, I enjoy a day of touring the city.

Page 179:
Oh Yes, I Had Breakfast Too December, 2003
I "discover" a delightful grass airport that had been waiting for me all my life.

Page 181:
Priceless May, 2001
... but lunch with old friends? priceless!

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