I don't think that any of us had said a word about actually buying anything on the auction trip that we had planned. Really, we were just a few innocent guys who were trapped by circumstances.

All three of us are capable of seeing the inner beauty of a downtrodden machine. The pictures below will help you understand the pressures which forced our capitulation.

The various parts of damaged gliders are laid out in the grass.

The unfortunate result of a winter- time hangar collapse. A rich source of engine parts, avionics, interior appointments, and airframe hardware, but not of much interest to anyone who needs sheet metal parts.

Another part of the auction line, showing a Stinson fuselage, a Cessna 150 project and a not- quite- airworthy Sea Bee. "My" Commonwealth was farther down this line, amlost at the end,

One of the irresistable "baby pictures" which I presented to my wife.

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