Sometimes I wonder what an old- time airmail pilot would think of all the modern gadgetry at the tips of my fingers. Sometimes I wish that I could share the view from my office with my wife or kids. Sometimes I think of all the people who would have liked to fly but did something else instead. Very frequently I say to myself "what luck to have a job like this"

Even though we usually fly at altitudes of 5,000 to 10,000 feet, fairly low compared to most air commerce, we often find ourselves cruising in blue sky above an undercast. This particular picture was taken as I started down into Jamestown NY on a flight from Cleveland. From this dazzling brightness I descended into a very gray morning.

This picture was taken as dawn colored the sky over northeast Pennsylvania. I passed through a stretch of obviously unstable air which had all sorts of thunderstorm activity. I don't know what made this cloudscape, but I do know that the picture is right side up, and the colors are a close match to the photo.

Does the fabled "pot of gold" refer to material riches or to the satisfaction of an enjoyable job?

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