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September 1998

I did not go up at night and fly a visual approach to an unlighted airfield to take this picture. I merely inserted my camera down the sleeve of a winter coat and clicked the shutter. Either way the picture is the same, so I did it the easy way.

I believe that the picture that I mentioned in the story was in "Stick and Rudder" the definative text on how to fly, written in the 1940s by Wolfgang Langeweische. I was just a young pup then and all I really saw was a two dimensional area of black on the page. If you have never been down low in the dark, all you will see is a black square below. If you have "been there", you will see a hole in your screen that you can put your arm through right to the shoulder and touch nothing with your fingers. the hole stretches forever or to the first treetop, however your luck is running.

The pilot's view as the airplane approaches an unlit field in the dark.

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